Pay and Play

Downton Tennis Club is committed to providing affordable tennis for the community and encourages use of the courts by the local community, schools and other interested parties. The Pay and Play scheme enables players who are not Club members to use the facilities. There are some restrictions during peak times due to matches, holiday camps, junior coaching, Club sessions and Leisure Centre opening hours (closes 4pm on Saturday & 6pm on Sunday). Non-members may also receive coaching at the Club but will pay a slightly higher fee as detailed on the Coaching page.

To book a court, please phone Downton Leisure Centre on 01725 513 668. Court charges are £2.50 for each 30 mins; a £5 deposit will also be required for a key to the courts. Balls are available for purchase at the Leisure Centre.

Can I bring a guest to play at the Club?

Of course, we are very happy for members to introduce friends and family to the club but this is limited to 3 visits per year, at which point we would encourage visitors to find a suitable membership package.

Must I be a member to receive coaching services at Downton?

No, but you will get much better value if you are a member as you will get reduced rates and be able to take advantage of the other aspects of membership such as free outdoor courts and discounted indoor courts throughout the year. If you don't wish to be a member then there is an additional charge for group coaching of £10 per term for U10s and £20 per term for juniors. For individual lessons, you will be charged the pay and play rate of £5 per hour.

The club requires significant income to maintain the site and to sustain quality coaching services. The club sets aside £5000 per year to pay for upkeep.  Site upkeep includes maintenance of the court surface, nets, fencing, floodlights, clubhouse and surrounds. It is therefore fair that all players contribute toward our upkeep and as our only significant means of income is membership subscription then it makes sense to seek membership from all regular users. Junior and U10 subscriptions have deliberately been kept low so as not to act as a barrier for those who wish to play tennis.

Can I get Wimbledon tickets through the Club?

Yes. Every year, we get an allocation of Wimbledon tickets from the LTA. Any club member over the age of 9 years who is a British Tennis Member and has 'opted-in' can enter the ballot which takes place in April/May. Tickets are allocated in pairs.

aS parent, can I feed balls to my child who is a member whereas I am not?

The club encourages parents to help with the development of their child's on-court skills. If you are not already a club member then we can offer parent play membership which enables you play with your children who are under the age of 10 years and who are members. Parent Play membership costs £15 per year. Please visit the membership page for futher details.

Why do members have to pay £1 for a club session?

This charge is only payable if the floodlights on the outdoor courts are used as part of the session - this is in line with all other scheduled club sessions. If the floodlights are not used then no payment is due. Running costs of the floodlights are considerably higher than £1 for each half hour due to the cost of the bulbs, electricity and servicing and thus the cost to members is nominal.

Will the Club pay for my travel expenses when playing an away match?

No, but the club will sacrifice match fees (which normally go toward league entry fees and purchase of tennis balls) when the venue is more than 20 miles distance from Downton. The match fee may then be split between drivers. Matches at Salisbury, Victoria Park, Riverside, Alderbury, Sandleheath, Wellow, Totton & Eling, and Romsey are all inside the 20 mile radius and therefore not eligible. Player match fees are set at £2.50 per adult and £1 per junior.

How do I join the Club using the online application?

Membership is now managed online through ClubSpark. Follow the instructions below to complete your application.

  • Visit

  • Select a membership package using 'Join Now' button.

  • Create a ClubSpark account or 'Sign In' with an existing account.

  • Add your details.

  • If joining a family membership, you will be able to add other members of your family to the same membership package.

  • If joining as a Junior, the details of the junior as well as an adult contact will have to be added.

  • Accept Terms & Conditions.

  • Select method of payment. If paying online you will be prompted to set up a GoCardless account.

  • For junior members joining through a Tennis for All promotion that includes membership, you should select 'Cheque' or 'Cash' as your method of payment when registering. Tennis for All will collect payment and the Club will show your membership as paid once the subscription has been received.

  • For Juniors and U10 members please also sign up a British Tennis Member through the LTA ( as this will facilitate the competitive aspects in the coaching programme.

If you have any issues with the online application process please contact Mark Davison our Membership Secretary.




If your question(s) are not answered below then please enquire on the contact form.