Court Resurfacing

After 22 years of constant use the time has come to resurface our courts. DTC members have worked hard in recent years to accumulate the funds required to go ahead with a major investment requiring in excess of £30,000. With the help of Downton Parish Council, the Southern Area board of the County Council and a grant from Persimmion Homes (builders of the new housing development on Wick Lane) the required target was met and work is set to commence on 12th March, to be completed in early May.

The parish council was pleased to give its support to the project as the upgrading of the tennis courts is totally in line with the policies contained in Downton’s Neighbourhood Plan to develop and expand leisure and social facilities in the village.



We love tennis and believe everyone should get the chance to play! That’s why we’re also taking the opportunity to make our courts fully wheelchair accessible. 

Our new courts will be officially opened at our annual club open day on Saturday 19th May by special guests from the GB Davis Cup team.

To coincide with the reopening of our brand new courts we’re also revamping our website and club branding. We hope you like them!